Company Overview

The founders of Answer Genie were working their regular 9-5 jobs, but got fed up of trying to manage their lives in the process. They were tired of booking appointments and paying a hefty fee to all the technicians who were assisting them in their finances, taxes, computers and all.

Tired of being on the other’s clock, we thought of coming up with a one stop solution where prompt, efficient and accurate responses were given; a solution with no appointments, queues, minimal expenses and spontaneity.

We are motivated to provide you-

24/7 live support
Instant solutions to all your problems (ranging from taxes to airlines to computers).


To be the first choice problem solver for everyone for all problems.


To help anyone in need LIVE!


  • We empower you with our LIVE solutions!
  • We care. We make your happiness our priority.
  • We value your time and money, thus provide prompt efficient responses .We will stick with you through your problems.
  • We are built on a foundation of trust and customer satisfaction.
  • We at Answer Genie respect your privacy and anonymity.
  • We guarantee simple and effective solutions. We will deal with the root of all problems and continue assistance until you’re satisfied